At this site you can find:
  • information about the postal rates of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Danzig, Memel and Saarland from the Eighteenth Century until ± 2010
  • a philatelic article, which I published in Dutch and translated into English

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Postal Rates
I did not try to stuff everything which is known about a country's postal rates into one table. It would get unwieldy. This is not the place where you will find the rates for parcels of 200 grammes, but at least 95 percent of what the average philatelist stumbles upon can be found here. For the Baltic countries even this modest design resulted in a table that had to be split up into three.
Division into periods is always somewhat arbitrary. For instance, in my Estonian overview a new period starts when mail from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania could be sent at inland rate. I did not start a new period, however, when this happened to mail to Sweden.

It is quite possible that a few errors have crept into my tables. Typing errors for instance. But also: what about the reliability of my sources? Sometimes they are contradictory. Criticism, additions, corrections? Mail (replace AT with @).

I stopped actualizing the tables around 2010, when finding the data I needed became more and more difficult.

Note that all dates are in European date format: day – month – year, so 12-03-1920 means 12th of March 1920.

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